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Midwest K9 Search Unit has teams certified in the disciplines of area search (live and deceased), trailing, and water recovery.

area search

Area search K9s can cover a large area of various terrain more efficiently than a human team of searchers. These K9s are either live find or human remains K9s. Incidents may include missing persons or disaster debris fields, such as flood or tornado. 

Gz stream_edited.jpg


A trailing K9 works from where a missing person was last known to be and follows the path taken by that person. The K9 is scent-specific to that person and can give searchers an idea of where the person went (direction of travel.) This is the only type of K9 that is scent-specific, meaning they require an item that has the odor of the missing person. 


Water search

Water search K9s work from the front of a boat and search bodies of water to locate missing persons. These K9s can also work the edge of water from a shoreline, similar to an area search. 

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